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For questions around donations please contact:
Dagmar Traub
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Please help us with a donation to protect the precious Buddhist knowledge and the rich Tibetan culture. Please help us to multiply the Buddhist writings in order to make it accessible for all Tibetans for which they would remain otherwise unattainable. Some monks, nuns and lay people need a month in order to reach Bodh Gaya by foot and to receive the books with humilde gratitude and joy.

With your donation we can cover the costs of re-printing the writings and their transport to India.

Every donation is welcome and appreciated.

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In the USA you can also send a US dollar check to 'Dharma Publishing, Attn: Adopt a Dharma Book', or a one-time/monthly charge on your Visa or Mastercard; please contact Madga Costa

The costs of production are mainly in the paper and materials, with the physical work being done by volunteers. Your contribution, in any form, will be greatly appreciated and your donation will be used for one hundred percent for the purchase of paper and ink. Your gift is entirely tax deductible.

Young novice reads his new Tibetan book, donated through Adopt a Dharma Book, photo by Ed Palmer.

Dedicate donation

In order to share the benefits of your generosity with others you can dedicate your selfless act e.g. to loved ones, a special affair or to all sentient beings.

During the annual world peace ceremony in Bodh Gaya the names of the donors are read out loud.

Old monks thanks for the Buddhist books, distributed during the Monlam Chenmo, photo by Ed Palmer.
Examples for costs of
printing and distribution
8 USD1 Volume
40 USD5 Volumes
80 USD10 Volumes
160 USD20 Volumes

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"Please know that any support you offer will make a truly significant difference. In return, I assure you that your contribution will not be wasted, but will flow into a stream of merit that will never be lost until all beings reach Enlightenment. Such is the power of the truth and goodness of Dharma, and I wish you every opportunity to connect with this blessing."
Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche

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